Range Information

The Top Gun Indoor Shooting Range has 18 climate-controlled lanes at 25 yards. Built using Action Target’s Total Containment Trap®, this state of the art bullet trap is the best in the business. Featuring a programmable, easy to use target retrieval system, and bulletproof lane dividers with LED lighting and combining an independent dust collection system with our ventilation system ensures a safe, enjoyable shooting experience and a high level of protection from lead and gunpowder residue. Additionally, bullet and sound absorbent tiles line the entire shooter’s area, further ensuring our customer’s comfort and safety. 

 Price List

Firearm Rentals

Handguns $15

Rifles $20

Silencer $30

Machineguns $45

Current Ammo Prices-* Please note Ammo prices fluctuate. Top Gun Indoor Range is unable to consistently acquire any brand & caliber at the same cost. *


22lr Aguila 50rds $7.49

380 auto Magtech 50rds $32.99

9mm Magtech 50rds $23.99

10mm Sellier & Bellot 50rds $34.99

38 special Federal 50rds $34.99

40 Magtech 50rds $32.99

45 auto PMC bronze 50rds $35.95

223 PMC bronze 20rds $16.99

556 Winchester 20rds $16.99

300blk Sig Sauer 20rds $29.99

7.62x39 Tulammo steel case 20rds $14.99

7.62x54r Red Army Std 20rds $19.99

270 win Rifle Line 20rds $28.95

243 win Winchester 20rds $35.99

12ga Rio Buckshot-5 shells $9.49

12ga Winchester Rifled Slug-5 shells $8.49

We also carry hollowpoints 


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